"I have just read this to a class of New Entrants and passed round the cuddly toy kiwi that comes with it. They liked the story and I had to read it to them again. The toy kiwi was fought over but I got it back.

Loneliness is an emotion that we all have felt and it can unlock a number of other emotions that are best kept in the cupboard. Kiwi wants a friend so he goes looking. He strikes out with a penguin, a kea, a tui. and a thrush but comes up trumps with a baby moa who tells him what a lovely bird he really is. Nice ending. The Moa may test a few.

Illustrations by Cheryl Cooper are life like and display the New Zealand environment. Cheryl captures the essence of loneliness in Pee Wee and of the other birds. The text is repetitive when it needs to be and the rhyme is not forced.

With the juniors I read it to this morning it is a winner. Check it out for yourself. Facts about the kiwi are at the back of the book."

- Bob's Books